October, 19, SMP AABS held the grand opening of Virtual Language Month Festival 2020. The morning kicked off with Zoom meeting where Ustadz Mujiono, who organized the Language Month’s event, welcomed all students and reminded them about the upcoming series of events in Language Month Festival until November, 14. He also introduced guest speaker Bahrul Habiby, a young and successful motivator who would power up their mood.

Kak Habiby began his presentation on the topic “Siap Menjadi Milenial yang Keren & Sukses” by asking for students clapping altogether.

He said that becoming a successful person should take a proper planning and persistent work. Neither Instant nor luck shouldn’t have a place in our belief.

Ustazah Leni, homeroom teacher of 8C, said that the grand opening in Language Month Festival ran well. The students enjoyed joining the agenda and some of them were also enthusiastic to ask for several questions to the guest speaker.

Following the online sharing, students were informed to join the meeting with their own homeroom teachers and were asked to register the multilingualism competitions.

Multilingualism Competition is one of the agenda in Language Month Festival that will be held by SMP AABS. Four languages are used in this competition, those are English, Arabic, Bahasa and Javanese. All students are obligated to participate at least two kinds of competitions.

Ustazah Umi Palupi, vice head of Al Irsyad Al Islamiyyah Boarding Junior High School, said that by conducting such events, students are hoped being able to internalize spirit of youth because this event is on behalf of celebrating the Youth Day on 28th October, She adds that students should carry on their struggle by always giving the best to gain knowledge.

Another agenda of the series events in SMP AABS Virtual Language Month Festival is Literacy 4.0. It contains light content to increase literacy and insight of the students.

This series of events will last till 14 November 2020, The students are looking forward to being involved in several upcoming events. As Ustadz Muji said that some cool guests are lining up to give insight and light up the event.

There will be 5 guests with different sharing with the aim to give insight and soft-skills to students.

  1. Bahrul Habiby (Islamic entrepreneurship motivation)
  2. Fuadh Naim (Korean Wave)
  3. Kak Mumu (Bad and good things of game)
  4. Ustadz Salim A Fillah (Parenting)
  5. Ustadz Edgar Hamas (Youth and Islamic history)

Thank you.